Registration and vehicle insurance – the first condition for safe traffic

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Campaign “Stop to non-registered vehicles” in cooperation with Police Administration of Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers NBOCG


Podgorica 14.09.2018.


Police Administration of Ministry of Internal Affair and National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers – NBOCG for the past four years have been conducting campaign “Stop to non-registered vehicle”. During the follow up of conditions of traffic safety it has been discovered that a significant number of vehicles in circulation are not registered or have not had the registration certificate renewed. This campaign which will be conducted from 15th to 30th September aims to indicate the importance of registering vehicles. Non-registered vehicles usually are not technically safe and their use is often the cause of traffic accident. Furthermore, users of these vehicles do not have motor third party liability insurance. Thus, victims, in case the accident caused by uninsured vehicle, realize their compensation from Guarantee fund, operating within NBOCG. 

Boris Šaban, executive manager of NBOCG, has informed us that the latest researches indicate that campaigns conducted ty Police Administration and NBOCG have to be more intense, considering that there are great number of uninsured and non-registered vehicles in circulation. There is an increase of some 20% more claims in 2018 as compared to 2017.

“Guarantee Fund, managed by NBOCG has been, among other, founded for protection of passengers in public transport and victims in cases the accident was caused uninsured vehicle” –  concludes Šaban.

Timely insurance of motor vehicles, apart from this being a legal obligation, is also one of the cheaper investments in your vehicle. The average MTPL insurance policy currently costs 150 €. The insurer, for this price, is obliged to cover all claims you possibly cause up to the amount of  300.000 € for material damages or  550.000 € for personal damage. Provided you cause accident driving uninsured vehicle, the claim will be settled by Guarantee Fund. After payment Guarantee Fund is entitled to recourse against liable party for paid damages, interest and other costs occurred for handling and payment of claim. During 2017 payment of claims by Guarantee Fund were in the amount of more than one million EUR! The average claim was in the amount of 2.200 €. Bearing in mind that the probability to participate in traffic accident in Montenegro is cca 5% annually, we believe that it is unnecessary to risk participating in the accident driving non-registered and uninsured vehicle.