Green card bureau


Green Card Bureau is an integral part of the Association – National Bureau of Montenegrin Insurers. National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers has been accepted as full member of International Green Card System as of 1st February 2012. “Green Card System” consists of 46 National Bureaus, members of Council of Bureaux located in Brussels with the objective of facilitation of cross border traffic and provision of motor third party liability insurance according to legal regulations of visited country, as well as provision of guarantees that victims will be compensated for damages sustained according to legal regulation of the country of accident. International motor insurance card – Green Card is a certificate necessary for all motor vehicle users travelling abroad. National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers has authorized its members to issue Green Cards. Thus, you can obtain one at your insurance company where you have obtained vehicle insurance policy. The Green Card is valid for the same validity period as the vehicle insurance policy.

National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers acting as Green Card Bureau guarantees compensation of damages caused abroad by vehicles bearing MNE registration plates and for damages caused on the territory of Montenegro by vehicles bearing foreign registration plates. National Bureau guarantees that local insurance companies will fulfil their financial obligations towards foreign insurance companies and bureaus, for damages caused by their insureds. Motor vehicle owners or users without a valid Green Card are obliged to purchase compulsory frontier insurance with some local insurance company at the border.