Claims forms and settlement in case of accident with a vehicle with :

You can submit your claim to insurance company that is the insurer of vehicle causing the accident, in its headquarters or branch office.

There are five insurance companies in Montenegro conducting motor third party liability insurance. Please refer below for their contacts.

The damage you have sustained is calculated pursuant to Manuals approved and published in the Official Gazette No. 35/09 dd. 3rd June 2009 by the Insurance Supervision Agency of Montenegro on the proposal of the National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers.

List of insurance companies

Pursuant to Article 38 of the new Compulsory Traffic Insurance Law (Official Gazette No. 44/12 dd. 9th August 2012) person, suffering damages caused by use of motor vehicle bearing foreign registration plates, with a valid Green Card, in accident on the territory of Montenegro, submits his/her claim to either Association – National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers, insurance company or person/entity authorized by Association to conduct activities arising from international agreement on insurance of motor vehicle owners against liability for damages caused by use of motor vehicles in the country or abroad. Association –National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers has been accepted as a full member of the Council of Bureaux in Brussels (international organization that coordinates the Green Card System) as of 1st February 2012.

Therefore, in case of accident with a vehicle bearing foreign registration plates you can submit your claim directly to the Association or an insurance company conducting motor third party liability business, which will register claim or instruct you on further proceeding in order for you to compensate the damage. The Association will forward your claim to nominated correspondent of foreign insurer, in line with legal regulative, for further procedure and settlement, or if foreign insurer does not have a nominated correspondent in MNE, your claim will be forwarded to one of insurance companies, Association’s member, bearing in mind conflict of interests

Corespodents Request for Green Card claim

The precondition for compensation of damages sustained by Montenegro citizens are that the driver of vehicle bearing foreign registration plates is liable for causing the accident and that he/she is in possession of a valid green card. In order to exercise your right to compensation more efficiently, you should ask the driver of a vehicle bearing foreign registration plates to give you a copy of his/her Green Card. If a driver does not have a copy, make sure to write down all necessary information of identification document and Green Card and especially the following:

  1. entire Green Card number, respective Country (international country code) / Insurer (code) / Number ( Green Card number);
  2. validity period of the Green Card;
  3. name of the Insurer issuing the Green Card;
  4. if you are not able to do so it is crucial to copy Green Card presented by other participant or photograph it with your mobile phone.

The above mentioned recommendations will assist you to compensate your claim as efficiently and quickly as possible.

In case a vehicle bearing foreign registration plates had border insurance policy issued by local insurance company, the claim should be submitted to that insurance company.

In case of accident with uninsured
or unknown motor vehicle

The claim can be submitted to National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers or some insurance company which will register and forward it to National Bureau for further procedure.

List of insurance companies