Pursuant to Article 38 of Law on Compulsory Traffic Insurance, person suffering damages caused by use of vehicles bearing foreign registration plates in Montenegro and insured with valid international motor third party liability insurance valid for territory of Montenegro, submits a claim to Association, Insurance Company of entity authorized by Association to conduct business defined by international agreements on motor third party liability insurance for damages caused by motor vehicles in country or abroad. Association – National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers may authorize its members to handle and settle such claims pursuant to international agreements on compulsory motor third party liability insurance.
NBOCG in practice authorizes nominated correspondent of foreign insurer to handle and settle such claims. Provided foreign insurer has not nominated a correspondent in Montenegro, NBOCG authorizes one of its members bearing in mind conflict of interest. International agreement signed between National Associations, members of Green Card System, which defines their relations anticipates possibility for a foreign motor third party liability insurer to nominate correspondent for territory of State where accident, caused by its insured, occurred. Provided you are in a possession of data on foreign insurer you can obtain information which Montenegro insurer is its correspondent here.
wdt_ID Država Naš član Ino član
1 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Oberösterreichische Versicherung AG (A-16)
2 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje HDI Versicherung AG (A-37)
3 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Zürich Versicherung AG (A-25)
4 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Sovag (A-40)
5 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje SK Versicherung AG (A-35)
6 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung AG (A-22)
7 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Wüstenrot Versicherung (A-30)
8 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje MUKI Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit (A-44)
9 AUSTRIJA Generali osiguranje Montenegro Generali Versicherung (A-08)
10 AUSTRIJA Sava osiguranje Allianz-Elementar Versicherung (A-23)
Država Naš član Ino član