General Assembly of the Association “National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers” (NBOCG)

The press release of the Association National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers
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Podgorica, 11th July 2018


Dejan Bajić new Chairman of NBOCG Assembly 

During the meeting of General Assembly of Association “National Bureau of Montenegro Insurers” (NB)CG) it was noted that, pursuant to the Constitution of Association currents Chairman’s, Nebojša Šćekić, term of office has expired. The new Chairman Dejan Bajić has been elected. Mr. Dejan Bajić is a long standing successful executive manager of Generali osiguranje Montenegro A.D. He, with other Assembly Members, has expressed his gratitude to Mr. Šćekić for his successful leadership of the Association.

The executive manager of Uniqa osiguranje, Nela Belević, was elected Vice Chairman.

NBOCG has been founded as obligation of Insurance Companies, pursuant to Insurance Law, at the end of 2007 by representatives of the insurance market. Currently the Member of Association are Lovćen osiguranje, Sava Montenegro osiguranje, Generali osiguranje Montenegro A.D., Swiss osiguranje and Uniqa osiguranje.

The executive manager of NBOCG Boris Šaban has stated that insurers have founded Bureau in order to improve, develop and affirm the insurance market, to improve Members’ business and to apply to membership with international insurance organizations as well to realize their interests. 

„It is of extreme importance that we achieved a goal for NBOCG to provide great possibilities to secure all conditions of full protection of insureds, legal entities and citizens of Montenegro. This foremost relate to activities of Bureau as regards to foundation of Guarantee Fund (funds for claim settlement) and to provide membership in the international Green Card System. Furthermore, insurance affirmation and efficient economic protection against potential risks and investments in the safe future is the core of business of Insurance Companies and thus all Bureau activities aim to achieving harmonization of the whole insurance market” – concludes Šaban.